Offline Marketing

Place doesn’t matter presence does - profitable campaigns for your business

Offline Marketing

Concepts become brands when showcased on paper

Attention to detail is everything

Our offline services serves five marketing channels


Deliver a permanent message through one of the oldest forms of advertising through:

  • Magazines 
  • Newspapers 
  • Yellow Pages 


Engage with massive audiences through one of the most intimate delivery channels. The breadth of our marketplace delivers access to traditional and innovative forms of radio advertising.

  • Network 
  • Spot 
  • Local 
  • Satellite 

Offline Survey

Experience the new era of interactive offline lead surveys. Have your brand message delivered face-to-face while capturing inbound requests from interested customers.


Increase your brand awareness and recall through one of the highest trusted advertising avenues. Through the combined efforts of hundreds of media partners, access all traditional and innovative means of TV advertising.

  • National Broadcast 
  • Local Broadcast 
  • Network Cable 
  • Alternative (Satellite, ITV, Online Streaming) 


Use this high-exposure advertising method to promote your company 24 hours a day. Target specific local markets and display easily seen messages. Through Integreach, pay only for the calls that are generated from your billboard instead of a monthly rental fee.

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